Mica Spark Sheet 2: Which standards apply to MY combustible dusts?

Spark Sheets

Relevant OSHA Standards

  • 1910.22 Housekeeping

  • 1910.38 Emergency Action Plans

  • General Duty Clause, Section 5(a)(1)

  • ...

NFPA Standards

  • 652 - Fundamentals of Combustible Dusts

  • See Spark Sheet for Industry-Specific

Spark sheets allow you to keep up to date on combustible dust and chemical reactivity management

Our Experts

See what the Mica experts are publishing

Murphy, Michelle R. and Matthew J. Borene, "How to Conduct a Dust Hazards Analysis," Process Safety Progress, October 2018

AIChE Webinar, "The Dust Hazards Analysis Deadline is Approaching. Are You Ready?" March 20, 2018

Murphy, “Making Sense of Combustible-Dust Hazard Analysis,” Chemical Engineering Progress, April 2016

OSHA References

OSHA relies on their NEP and other existing standards on combustible dust

NFPA Standards

NFPA is the leading RAGAGEP on combustible dust

NFPA 652: "Standard on the Fundamentals of Combustible Dust", 2019 Edition

NFPA also has industry-specific standards

Metals Dusts (NFPA 484)

Agricultural products (NFPA 61)

Wood processing (NFPA 664)

General materials (NFPA 654)