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I have 13 years of experience working with combustible dust at [my company].  I am the technical lead on the [combustible dust global team] ....  I am routinely in contact with many ‘DHA Experts’.  Michelle is the best DHA facilitator I have ever engaged both from technical expertise and from the ability to get a team of experts to form a risk consensus.

- Major Food Producer

I was not too knowledgeable in chemical theory or have a chemical background. This training was very well put together and easy to follow along. The depth of knowledge provided and the tools used for training were powerful. No improvement required Michelle and Carol hit a home run with this training seminar. Thank you for the time it is greatly appreciated.

- Major chemical company

I was a little worried about how applicable this would be to what we do at [my company], but the later days of the course tied it in well and now I can see its applicability. Gave me really good food for thought for our processes and how we can make them safer. Thank you.

- Major chemical company
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