Handling combustible dusts safely requires knowledge of the dust characteristics as well as the unit operations involved in the handling. With over 20 years experience applying process safety solutions to multiple industries, Mica has the experience and knowledge to help you define the most cost-effective solutions for your business.


Managing combustible dust hazards starts with defining the characteristics of the dusts handled in the process. Let Mica simplify the process of testing with our test plan development service to make sure you invest testing dollars in the right way.




NFPA requires combustible dust hazards analysis for all operators handling combustible dust. Our experts use proven hazard analysis techniques to help you identify hazards and develop specific solutions tailored to your operations.


Training needs come in many forms. From hazard awareness on combustible dust to detailed training on managing combustible dusts, Mica can help. We have off-the shelf training programs that can be quickly tailored to your specific operations.


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