Proven strategies for combustible dust hazard management


As advanced technologies, such as 3D Printing, become more mainstream, the need to protect against combustible dust hazards becomes vital. Unmitigated dust hazards have resulted in devastating consequences, such as fires and explosions. 

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Testing to characterize the dust, DHA to identify hazards, and training to help your employees avoid an unwanted event. Designed to get you into compliance.



To define the samples to take, the testing to be conducted, and the first tasks to complete. This high level review provides a roadmap to get you started.



Links to relevant standards, helpful articles, and useful websites on combustible dust hazard management. Your place to find the answers.



Mica was founded by Michelle Murphy, a chemical engineer, with deep experience applying process safety concepts to avoid catastrophic events. Michelle designed, built, and managed a process safety laboratory. From her experience applying test data to reduce risk, she knows first-hand that each installation and manufacturing environment is unique. She has helped 100s of companies find the most cost-effective solutions for their operations. Her approaches have been published in many prestigious journals and periodicals.


Michelle has worked with companies in chemical, petrochemical, metal, automotive, agricultural, food, and pharmaceutical industries. Avoiding fires and explosions while handling combustible dusts/reactive chemicals requires predicting material behavior under abnormal conditions. Michelle brings process operation knowledge, test data interpretation experience, and hazard identification skills to simplify the process of characterizing, identifying, and reducing the risk of handling hazardous materials.


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