Combustible Dust Training

Training needs come in many forms. Hazard awareness on combustible dusts. Detailed knowledge to manage combustible dusts. Off-the shelf training programs that can be quickly tailored to your specific operations. Train your team to protect your innovation.

Combustible Dust Hazard Awareness

Audience      Employees and Contractors

Length        2 hours

Value            Incorporation of specific dust characteristics

Benefit         Learn risks associated with your own operation

Take-Away   Recognize dust hazards and take action to avoid catastrophic

Combustible Dust Hazard Identification

Audience     Engineers and EHS Professionals operating

Length         4 hours

Value           Incorporation of site specific dusts and operations

Benefit         Learn to manage CD hazards

Take-Away   Identify potential CDs, define needed testing, evaluate the

                     need for fire and explosion protections

Combustible Dust Hazard Management

Audience      Engineers and EHS Professionals designing and analyzing

Length          3 days

Value            Incorporation of site specific dusts and operations

Benefit         Learn to reduce the risk of CD operations

Take-Away   Analyze and apply CD characteristics, define the best mitigation
                    solutions, calculate explosion vents using short-cut methods

All classes earn continuing education credits