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Dust Hazard Analysis

Dust hazard analyses (DHAs) are required on all combustible dust operations. Specific deadlines have been set for different types of dusts by the National Fire Protection Association. All operators are expected to be making reasonable progress up to these deadlines.

Chemical, Metal, and Wood Operators           September 2020

Agricultural Operators                                                     June 2021

Regulatory agencies are relying on industry standards as recognized and generally acceptable good engineering practices (commonly referred to as RAGAGEP) related to combustible dust handling.

We have industry renowned experts conducting DHAs. Our approach conforms to both NFPA standards and standard industry practices on hazard analysis. Let us protect your innovation with a DHA tailored  to your hazard level. 


Intended to simplify the process for those facilities unsure where to start. A First-Step Assessment will define the samples to test and the first actions to take to manage combustible dust hazards.


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